Doc Johnson’s Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner – Spray | Review

Doc Johnson has an Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner that is affordable and reasonably priced! This is a great toy cleaner to snag to keep your toys nice and spick ‘n span for the folks with no time to waste.  I recommend it for a quick wipe down before use. It’s a bit up in the air for some people, but it has a distinctive smell that I’m not too fond of.  To some people, they love the smell and find it to be refreshing.  But, that refreshing smell reminds me of really cheap men’s cologne.  haha  So, maybe while it cleans, it makes my battery … Continue Reading ❤ →

Guide to Cleaning your Sex Toys!

Along with using a toy, you have to make sure you clean it properly! I mean, HELLO, with all these toys being put in places and orifices and juices flying left and right… I would think you would want to keep it clean. 😛 Seriously though, by cleaning your sex toys this helps avoid bacterial  and yeast infections along with annoying irritation.  Even the slightest bit of residue may cause irritation and that will delay your fun for a later time (and we wouldn’t want that). Cleaning your toy also helps avoid transmission of STIs. “While some STIs die once … Continue Reading ❤ →