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Adventures in Squirtland

So, why are we going to talk about Adventures in Squirtland?  Well, I was talking to a girl and she was literally mortified to have sex because she was afraid of her squirting ability.  She probably thought she was alone, and even after I told her “it’s no biggie, I do too” I think she didn’t believe me.  So,  S—–  Here is my post to you 😉 I’m not a liar. I know we were short on time, so I’ll write it here.  You wanted a reason why I think it’s okay to be adventurous with your partner when it comes to SQUIRTING!!!

The Last Dragon : Bruce Leeroy GLOWingBecause it’s empowering.  It’s a different feeling and different type of orgasm.  It makes you literally feel like you have “The Last Dragon’s Glow”, all the stress in the world disappears, and you just have a moment of pure bliss.   Think of it this way, when you have an “female ejaculation” orgasm, it’s like your bodies way of high five-ing YOU for cuming!!!… and your partner for being a G and hitting that spot just right. haha

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The G-Spot!

What is it? Where is it and How to find it?!?!  THE GRAFENBERG Spot! It’s an erogenous zone!  It’s a little bundle of tissue of the Paraurethral gland.  It’s a spot that allows women to experience a different and very intense type of orgasm and even some are known to “squirt” aka female ejaculation!

G-Spot Faqs
Finding the Gspot isn’t like a scavenger hunt! It just takes a little practice!

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