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DnF | P Reign feat. Drake & Future

We should just get drunk and fuck… drunk and fuck, drunk and fuck, druuuuuunk …Girl, we should just get drunk and fuck… drunk and fuck… drunk and fuck, drunk.

DnF is definitely one of my jams lately, It’s super big ghetto booty stripping music. ^_^ juuuuust how I like it.

Tech N9ne – Fragile (ft. Kendrick Lamar, ¡MAYDAY! & Kendall Morgan)

If I could add this to my playlists on Spotify I would. lol SO GOOD.


Sometimes, I wish I had better genes, where I got to be blessed with a huge ass.  So, when songs like these came on, booty bouncing automatically would be going on.  haha  I know everyone has these moments, where you just have to get down and this is the playlist I like to listen to while I pretend I’m a ghetto booty girl that can bounce it all up and down the pole.  STRIP DAT!