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I rarely have time to go out or even date due to my job. My hand is getting boring, do you have any suggestions ?

That’s the case for majority of people. ūüôā Lately, Our work schedules make dating literally impossible to even schedule or pencil someone in our¬†busy lives… OR let alone masturbate. ¬†haha

Instead of giving up on your hand since it’s losing it’s flare, there are a few Male masturbator toys you could try out. I know when I get bored, I just upgrade and buy a new toy. ūüôā

Keep in mind these are just a few Toys directed towards men off the top of my head. It’s kinda hard to figure out what to suggest when I haven’t got¬†you around to¬†ask you more questions… AAAAAND ¬†well I’m not a male so I’m not sure how well half of these products are in action. But, here goes nothing… ¬†ūüėÄ

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Shake Shake Tenga

downloadAttention all App Whores… make your way to your google play account now. ¬†I was browsing the Tenga website and came across this silly app.

The Game app is¬†called the “Shake Shake Tenga”. ¬†They have their¬†Tenga Mastubators on the lineup. ¬†Pretty much you shake the hell out of your phone and get a high score. haha I guess it’s a nice way to work out your masturbating arm or your handjob stamina skills. ūüėõ

Head over to Google Play and download it! it’s free ūüôā

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Iroha Mini ume-anzu | Sex Toy Review


I’ve always been a fan of Tenga‘s male masturbation products for their modern design. ¬†Tenga designs¬†have a look that isn’t as abrasive and harsh looking which makes it very appealing to some people. ¬†So, of course the Iroha Mini ¬†got me curious!

The phrase “Good things come in small packages” has always stuck with me and this palm size vibrator looked absolutely chic.



The Iroha Mini is a small vibrator designed ¬†for clitoral stimulation. ¬†It has a tear drop shape that fits in the palm of you hand. ¬†Which makes for a great toy that you can easily hide and¬†stash away! It¬†isn’t chunky so it’d be easy to use solo or with a partner.

The Iroha Mini is the ideal size I’ve been looking for. ¬†( 2.4″L x 2″W x 1.3″H)iroha_meas ¬†The size made it easy to hold and you can just rest the toy on top of the pubis bone so it points down like an arrow to hit the clitoris just right. ¬†The top half is made out of a soft elastomer and the bottom half is¬†ABS¬†,¬†harder material. ¬†If you twist both multi-colored halves, it will open the toy for the battery compartment. Which houses one¬†AAA battery! Yay! No gallery_img_14_lbutton¬†batteries! haha So that means you can¬†get any where from 4¬†to¬†5 hours of play. The¬†two halves are¬†sandwiched together so that this toy is Splash-proof¬†for all those who like to do some shower play.

The¬†on/off button is flush against the side where you barely even notice it! ¬†You almost have to push both sides since there isn’t major markings on the top half of the toy¬†but the design looks chic.¬†iroha_2The biggest disappointment was I didn’t realize that when they said the button was the on and off button…. it really only did just that. ¬†This toy only has ONE solid speed… and that’s it. ¬†SUCH A LET DOWN since the Iroha mini has that¬†buzz¬†type of vibration that literally makes me go numb after a few minutes and you can’t increase since it’s a single speed. So you’re left with… a numbness and no fantastic O as an reward. hahairoha_5

The Tenga Iroha¬† had all the qualities that I was looking for such as size, looks (it also came in two other vibrate color combos), and materials for a battery operated toy specific for clitoral stimulation. ūüôĀ ¬†I¬†really wanted to make it work!!¬†But it just wasn’t for me. I had one friend in another state and she said that she had the same problem. ¬† Maybe you might have a different experience? If you’ve tried it, I’d love to hear your take. ūüôā

I had another couple of friends that thought this was perfect for them. They weren’t using it for constant direct stimulation. More like tapping the vibration on the clitoral hood for seconds at a time. They found the size in their hand to be helpful with a partner.

If you are a fan of simple bullet but with an easier & different design to hold onto, 1 solid fast “buzz like a bee” vibration, that is battery-operated then check out GoodVibrations.com they have this buzzer for only $25. ūüôā