Let these Basics take over your Senses this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and a mix of emotions might be coming over you.  You either love the holiday or loathe it.  Since everyone associates Valentine’s Day with going over the top with materialistic things, they usually end up with gifts that are literally going to add pounds to your bum or end up in the trash two days later.   What people forget is that Valentine’s Day is about showing your feelings to your partner and expressing it in every way possible whether it’s physical or mentally. Couples tend to forget that going back to the basics can be the … Continue Reading ❤ →

“I just started dating a girl, What should I get her for Valentine’s Day?”

I’m honestly one of the few people that you should NOT ask advice for this.  So, full disclosure, I haven’t had a Valentine in over 5 years, so, I of all people don’t know what is “proper” to give.  BUT! I am a girl and if I diiiiiid have a Valentine, these are my suggestions on what you should give her. 😛 Since, you didn’t really mention how long or what your status is with this girl, I’m going to give you a few options! If you just met her and you haven’t gone past first base (and you actually … Continue Reading ❤ →