What are Kegel Balls?

Balls in your …VAjayjay!!!

Ben Wa Balls, Orgasm Balls, Venus Balls, Kegel Balls, Geisha Balls

Whatever you want to call them… let’s talk about putting Balls in your cooch!  They are many names for these balls and there are many variations to them. But, the original Ben wa balls were just a single weighted ball that helped stimulate you internally while having or not even having intercourse.  Traditionally, two balls are inserted vaginally and they are sorta playing tag with each other inside that creates a stimulating feel. Now, it’s not like a normal “sex toy” out there, where it’s sole purpose is to build you up buttercup to make you have an orgasm. But rather, it’s sexual purpose is to tease a partner, almost to get the feeling of orgasm but not getting there quite yet. Another purpose is the most beneficial factor to all women, they can be used to exercise the PC muscles!

Why should I put balls in my vag?

Think of it as Lifting weights for your vagina! beyonce-do-you-even-lift-bro

These balls have evolved and have different appearances now with different exterior coatings ranging from stainless steel to plastic shiny fun coating to silicone. They have chains attached, or strings to make it easier to take out so you won’t have to “push it out” or “fish it out”.

They come in all shapes and sizes but their goal is to create a sensation and strengthen the muscles down there.

How and why do I use kegel balls?
  • Just insert them before you want to start your Kegel exercises and it helps increase your progress.
  • Many also have found the fullness feeling to be liberating while having anal sex. 🙂
  • After a few weeks of using kegel balls and doing exercises, you will feel the difference.
  • You can wear them any time of the day, whenever you choose or however long you choose.
  • Dabble a little bit of lube on your balls to make insertion easier.
  • Start slowly with one ball and then increase to two later. It’s just like lifting weights, you don’t start off lifting 1000 lbs, you work your way up.
  • Many have found that by controlling their PC muscles they can control their orgasms.
  • Try doing the “Kegel Song Challenge” to make exercises more fun and challenging.


I had a customer come in recently, who told me that her Yoga Instructor told her to get kegel balls which to help her train her core muscles.  I feel like that would make sense and kind of makes me want to try it. haha

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