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When you want to be lubed up and “Ready” for your next sexy time session, this might be your new best friend.  Wet Stuff Ready by GelWorks isn’t like the normal silicone lube, the application process is where it has a bit of a twist.  Ready comes in capsule form, where the outer part of the capsule dissolves and then the silicone is dispersed from there.  Instead of just opening up a bottle of lube and applying it to the skin. Or grabbing a handy dandy Lube shooter.

First Impression

Pretty unconventional but brilliant!  If it wasn’t for that person who presented the details on it, I honestly wouldn’t be sold on it and grab it firsthand. You see, initially, I was taken aback a little since it wasn’t the norm but if you think about it, this capsule form lube totally makes sense.  I mean, not everyone is down with using any type of suppository but there are a few situations where it would come in handy. Whether it’s vaginal sex or anal sex, this is great for both. If you are going to stick something in… maybe if you have a dick or a dildo appointment, then you have time to put this capsule in beforehand, since you need a little bit of time for the capsule to dissolve first.

I almost mistook their bottle as another herbal supplement pill since a lot of lube companies have their own lines of pills.  But, then I saw their smaller count packaging which was a box and that’s when all my curious questions started pouring out of my mouth.

Their packaging is a bit dated looking and hard to convince yourself you buy it but then again, you have to keep in mind, how can you sugarcoat a suppository capsule being shoved in you and make that appealing. I didn’t even know what it looked like until I opened the box.

What’s inside

Ready is a lube that is encased in a capsule that dissolves over time and the lube just disperses from there.  Inside the capsule is Wet Stuff Original Bodyglide which is their silicone lubricant.  It’s a basic silicone lubricant, it’s not listed on their website but it’s on the packaging.  Ready contains Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, and Cyclomethicone that is encased in a soft gelatine/glycerine capsule. Each of the capsules has 1500mg of silicone lubricant in it.

Overall, This is probably the best “lube foreplay” you can use!  I’m talking about foreplay because you have to insert it at least 15 minutes before you decide to play.  This will give the capsule enough time to dissolve inside you and be able to lubricant the insides. This is perfect for gals who are dry and can’t lubricant on their own, whether it’s because of taking birth control, age or a medication like an antihistamine (allergy meds). How easy would it make your next session, if you just popped one in your cooch and then you’re all set and ready to go!

This is also great for anyone who wants to lube it up for anal without the worrisome feeling of having to continue reapplying.  Also, this Ready capsule will replace having to use a lube shooter. If you do decide to use this for Anal, just remember to use another lube to get started. 🙂

  • Compatible with condoms.
  • Gives just the right amount of lubricant internally to keep your body ready to go.
  • It uses silicone so it decreases the chances of getting irritation.
  • Great for people who need that extra support that can’t lubricant on their own.
  • Perfect for anal without using lube shooters.
  • Isn’t compatible with porous toys.
  • You need to insert this 15 minutes beforehand which might be a nuisance.
  • It uses silicone that some might not be a fan of the consistency.
  • Doesn’t wash away easily like a water-based. You need to use soap and water.
  • Isn’t available everywhere. ;(

I’m super stoked that I got my hands on this and to be able to introduce it to you. The reason for it is because not many people even know about this lube type of application. There are so many people that can benefit from it. I know so many gals who’ve asked me for a lube but are embarrassed and feel like something is wrong with them since they are drier than a desert.  A girl doesn’t feel like a woman and it’s almost at the same level, as a guy who can’t get a hardon. It sucks when a girl is horny and in the mood and pretty hard to be sexy when you’re grabbing a bottle of lube during your sex session.  This is perfect because you can stick it in and get down without having to do the “sexy” talk of asking for more lube. haha Which is even better if you want to have anal sex since sometimes our bodies tend to squeegee the lube off. ((Think of your butthole as a squeegee … and a sponge.))  This type of lube and the way it’s applicated is probably what I would recommend for anal more than anything. It’ll be easier to get things done.

Find it

BUT! here’s the catch. The Wet Stuff line is made by an Australian company and you can get it mostly in Australia.  I live in the United States, so it’s a bit harder to get a hold of out here.  You can try and get it mailed over but it gets a bit pricey.

I hate mentioning other brands when I’m featuring another one in a post. But I live in the United States,  and I want to be able to give you an option if you live here. We have the KY brand that has been around for ages and they have their own version of the Ready capsules. The Liquibeads! the pack has 6 capsules and it’s only about $13. Only downer is the beads are a little bit bigger than the Wet Stuff capsules. They are in my opinion, not on the same level but it is an option.

So, for all you lucky Aussies out there, You can find these amazing silicone capsules on their website, https://www.gelworks.com.au/.  I’ve also added a few of their social media outlets below. 🙂

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