How did my career in the Adult world start?

Image taken of my coworker while I was sitting at the cash register.

This question is something that is always asked to anyone who works in the adult industry. Whether it’s dealing with porn, digital websites, and in my case pleasure products. It’s something that is taboo and many times people can’t grasp their heads around WHY would any person would want to be in this industry. So, for once I thought I’d actually share my story.

I started off my Adult Industry journey working in a Retail environment. Which seems pretty tame in comparison to all the other jobs out there but in reality, I always tell everyone, it takes a SPECIAL person to be able to work in an adult shop. But I’ll get into that another time.

Why did I get a job at an adult boutique?

At the time, I was living my life by flipping a coin. lol A time where I was struggling to make even the smallest decisions because I was so used to planning my life and well everything just wasn’t working out to the specific timeline I strived for. Small decisions were a 1 flip decisions and big decisions were a 3 out of 5 flipping of a coin type of decision.

The real reason… I wanted new shoes and material possessions and in order to do that I needed more money and working at an adult shop wasn’t conflict of interest with the current position I held in my other job. 3 out of 5 flips… I ended up applying for the adult shop job. Ideally, working around 75+ hours a week wasn’t my goal but at that time but with the help of my current roommate and truly my soul partner at the time (thanks Mel). It was probably one of the best times of my life. I learned so much about myself, my sexuality and how powerful of a person I can and will be.

I applied as a sales associate at a chain of adult shops known as Castle Megastore. Where I was hired and honestly did not know what I was getting myself into.

You see people just think, that being a sales associate you are ringing items up and saying “have a nice day!” But that’s not the case. I use the example of you walking into an electronic shop and asking a simple question and that person who works there is suppose to know and be your answer to all the questions you have. Same goes for working in an adult store. I went through extensive training, that in many ways, I loved and other times I literally wanted to shoot myself.

Working with a great team helped and it was just a job until 6 months in where I finally was in a stable situation where I didn’t need a second job anymore. But EVERY time I tried to quit, the universe didn’t let me. These moments are why I work in this industry.

Image of my wrist with multi colored "pride" bracelets for Eugene Pride Event. The Bracelets had "Got Pride?" printed on it.

The universe telling me NO don’t quit #1

Month 7 into the job, I had my 2 week notice to quit in my bag and I was going to give it to my manager that day. But, I had to go to my other job first.

I was doing my normal routine, and I remember it clear as day. I was on an 8 foot ladder painting a wall, while a man was waving me down to talk to him. Which I found weird because at this job, I don’t talk to customers. I was a behind the scenes type of position and I finally climbed down. I ask him if he needs me to get him an associate to better assist him and instead this man proceeds to tell me. “You helped me at your other job.”

I literally started sweating and shitting my pants on the spot. Looking around to make sure that none of my other coworkers were in earshot. Or heard what he has said and proceeded to let him speak. He told me, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to say anything but I just wanted to Thank you.” The man’s eyes began to water up and his throat began to tighten up as he continued to talk to me.

“Your kindness and patience to me, has really helped me a lot.” As he is saying this, a VERY angry looking woman starts walking up to us and where he told the woman (i’m assuming his partner),” Honey, this is girl I told you about at Castle”. She immediately hugged me and began crying. The middle aged man still teary eyed, held my hand and told me, “Thank you so much, you saved my marriage and we can never repay you and show our gratitude.” They both hugged me and said their good-byes.

To this day, I have no clue what I did or what I helped him with but that day… I kept that 2 week notice in my bag and continued to work at the adult shop.

The universe telling me NO don’t quit #2

An older gentleman came into the store with a woman who was timidly grasping his arm. She was pretty much hiding behind him as they walked into the store. Her facial reactions looked as if she was going into a haunted halloween ride. As if, ghosts were going to jump and scare her at every move. I’ve helped this guy before, so I walked right up and said hello. Then, it dawned on me. He actually took my suggestion into consideration and brought his girlfriend into the shop. haha

She was a sweet older lady, who was the shyest thing I’ve ever seen. I told her that we were going to have girl time. I took her arm into mine and told her boyfriend to bugger off for the moment. This woman admitted to me that she has never had a true orgasm. Instead of making her feel like a black sheep, I got so excited and was like “omg! this is going to be fun!” She probably thought I was a nutter but after an intensive conversation, we picked a few things here and there.

She came later that week, and at the ripe age of 66 she had her first true orgasm. You see, Her husband had died the year previously, and her new boyfriend took her into the shop. Her new boyfriend listened and wanted her to experience hew new life in a new light. I’ve never cried from joy and hugged a customer so genuinely until that day. That was another day where I left my 2 week notice to quit in my bag, yet again.

The universe telling me NO don’t quit #3

A bachelorette group of gals came in and were doing their thing. Penis shaped hats, accessories and more. But there was one girl who just seemed stand off-ish. She walked alone around the store and I came to talk to her.

Come to find out this girl was a rape victim and was trying to find a way to love herself. She couldn’t understand how open here friends could be. I told her that this wasn’t the time since there was too much commotion going on. Later, she can come back for us to talk. She did come back. We sat, we talked, we became friends. She held so much guilt. Together we found ways to gain back her sexuality… that her sexuality is hers and hers alone. We began this journery, by learning about her body. Then, that led to trying various toys and finally to not let that one moment define her. She has flourished into the most beautiful woman ever. Loving yourself is the most important thing ever. 🙂

The universe telling me NO don’t quit #4

A man with ED, couldn’t afford a $350 penis pump his doctor recommended at his office. So, with a lot of shame, this man asked me for for a hollow strap on to please his wife. Which of course it’s my job to sell it to him. But, I did pry a little since he just seemed depressed about the whole situation. Of course, I did show him the strap-ons. But, after he told me about his doctor trying to rip him off with an overpriced penis pump. I showed him our selection.

The same exact pump that the doctor was trying to sell him, we were only selling it for $35 bucks. I told him to follow his doctors instructions with his Cialis prescription, the penis pump along with a cock ring. Long story short, this man was able to make “real” love to his wife for the first time in years. Something many men, take for granted.

all in all…

These stories, I keep and hold dear to my heart. These are moments where working at an adult shop is emotionally tiring. Then, there are moments like those I have mentioned that I have helped many people.

I believe that Pleasure Products are the most underrated products out there. They are the best marital aids, self esteem boosters and just plain fun time accessories known to man.

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