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Clitoral Vibes

Clitoral Vibes is such a broad term, since anything that vibes can be pretty much put on a clitoris.  This category is all the vibes shaped and geared more towards external stimulation. 🙂

Crave Vesper | Sex Toy Review
Over 6 years ago, this company started their vision by crowdfunding their way into one of the most elegant and Read more.
WeVibe Touch | Sex Toy Review
I don’t normally name my toys but sometimes the names that the companies give them are a little much or Read more.
Maia Lucy Wicked Clip | Sex Toy Review
A toy that is suppose to exude color therapy to sooth my soul and put me at ease is right up my alley!  Maia Read more.
Iroha Mini ume-anzu | Sex Toy Review
I’ve always been a fan of Tenga‘s male masturbation products for their modern design.  Tenga designs have a look that isn’t Read more.
Vibratex Water Dancer | Sex Toy Review
I love when I get nervous people who come in and ask for a “pocket rocket” it’s like they are Read more.

G-Spot Toys

The G-spot is that one spot that hooked inside.  These toys are more internal toys that I’ve reviewed, that are geared towards more G-spot stimulation.

The Double Pop G-Spot Lollipop | Sex Toy Review
Sex Toy presents are the best! I visited my lovely friend, Tera Patrick to have a little chat on her Read more.
Lelo Liv | Sex Toy Review
Lelo’s Liv is by far my favorite basic toy out there.  This toy is what really opened my eyes to Read more.
Lelo Gigi | Sex Toy Review
Lelo’s Gigi was officially my first “upgradde” on my sex toy snob scale.  Also, probably one of the smartest things i’ve Read more.

Dual Stimulators

aka Rabbits. Or any type of toy that is a multi-tasker. Isn’t all about that one spot and just wants to please you. haha Usually Rabbits have a shaft for internal stimulation and a piece that extends out to give clitoral stimulation.

Cal Exotic's Butterfly Kiss
“The Original” Butterfly Kiss by Cal Exotics | Sex Toy Review
So, I grabbed  Cal Exotics “The Original” Butterfly Kiss, after a customer bought this and she wanted to see if Read more.
Desire: Play with Me by Blush | Sex Toy Review
  “PLAY WITH ME!” So, I said okay! 😛  and then added my first rabbit to my collection. From the Read more.

Kegel Exercisers

Kegel Exercisers have many forms and names.  You may have heard of them called Ben-wa Balls, Kegel Balls, kegel wands etc etc.  These type of toys can be used to strengthen your kegel/pelvic floor muscles.  They also can be used for sexual stimulation.

Smartballs Metallic Kegel Exerciser by Fun Factory | Sex Toy Review
I’ve been meaning to write a review on Fun Factory’s Smartballs Original Kegel Exercisers in Metallic Magenta and Rose.  But Read more.


The OG of vibrators. Wands have one job and that’s to hit all the spots right on the dot with it’s iconic head and a shaft to hold.

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Vibrating Dildos & Dongs

Dildos. Dongs. But this section is about the vibrating ones.

Tantus Tsunami | Sex Toy Review
Tantus has always been on my radar since I first found out about their products.   …with their modern shape toys… Read more.

Dildos & Dongs

Dildos DO have balls and a base. Dongs DO NOT.  This Section is about the non-vibrating kind.

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Anal Sex Toy

All the butt stuff. Plugs, Wands, Beads, etc etc.

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